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NOFX - Burg Clam Austria live - Aug 31, 2007


NOFX - Burg Clam Austria live - Aug 31, 2007

1. intro
2. the beginning of our set intro song
3. dinosaurs wil die
4. franco unamerican
5. perfect govrnment
6. seeing double at the triple rock
7. austria
8. leave it alone
9. eat the meek
10.stickin in my eye (eric melvin singing)
11.leaving jesusland
12.what now herb (feat. mad caddies)
13.murder the governmet
14.the brews
15.champs elysees
16.radio (rancid cover)
17.whats the matter with parente today
18.scavenger type (fast version)
20.shes nubs
23.bottles to the ground
24.dont call me white
25.kill all the white man
26.theme from a nofx album
27.accordeon outro by eric melvin

(parte 1): http://www.badongo.com/fr/file/4822497
(parte 2): http://www.badongo.com/fr/file/4822564

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